Monday, August 08, 2005

X'd Out!

Behold! A slightly different Ribbon X-Back!

Pattern from Knitty

Yarn used: Oasis in Chocolate from SouthWest Trading Company with Berroco Glace in Tumeric (I think)

Needles: US6

Comments: As with many of the other knitters on the X-Back Knit Along, my original X-Back was a bit large. I'm sure my problems were compounded by the fact that the yarn I've selected is totally different in size compared to that which is called out for in the pattern. This was my first foray into completely overhauling a pattern by using mathematics, and I'm quite pleased with the result. Other than the major mathematics involved in tweaking the pattern, the other additions I made were to add a picot cast on at the bottom hem and some waist shaping.

Because the pattern is done in seed/moss stitch, the fabric does have quite a bit of stretch to it - when I redid my math, I re-figured for a "small" size (rather than a size L) - definitely plan on a negative ease on this pattern if you plan on knitting it - or check your gauge swatch appropriately :)

I will say the Oasis was pleasant to work, and it certainly makes for a luxurious tank - it is soysilk, after all. In total, I used just under three full balls of yarn - my only niggling issue is the lack of dyelot on the label - which resulted in some minor striping from ball to ball which may or may not be obvious to the casual observer.