Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sparkling Ambrosia

Pattern: Ambrosia, by Ann Budd
Yarn: Berroco Sox Metallic
Needles: US0 / 2.0mm
Size: One of the larger sizes 

Comments: Definitely check your gauge - the pattern calls for US3 and US4 needles, but it's easily scaled to suit a tighter gauge knit - I prefer my fabric on socks to be fairly closely knit for better wear, so opted for US0s and a larger size - since these are already a rather girly colorway, and covered with sparkles, I figured I'd go all out and went with a picot bind off (speaking of which, does anyone know how to do a picot bindoff so it *doesn't* flare out like that??).   Due to the height of the socks, I also added some calf shaping by doing increases in pattern along the back of the leg.  Overall, the knitting in this sock is straightforward, with a short row heel and no gusset.  I do find that getting the sock up over my heel is somethings a little difficult, so some gusset increases may be warranted.  I found these to be a fast, fun knit - and the pattern is suitable for breaking up colors on handdyed yarns.   

As for the Sox Metallic, it's definitely not as soft as some other sock yarns - While the addition of the Nylon and the metallic might add strength and durability, I can feel it in the yarn and in the finished sock.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Mog Di

Pattern: I Mog Di - From the Wollmeise 2008-2009 sock club
Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle (also from the sock club) in Hollerstaud'n (elderberry)
Needles: US1 (then US2 and US3 to increase for calves)
Size Knitted: Smaller*

Notes / Comments: Well, unfortunately, this yarn colorway seems to be one that is not easily reproduced digitally - in addition, the dark colorway makes it a bit challenging to show off the cable detailing. That said, this was a fun knit - the flat bobbles were something new and interesting :) I did not change needle sizes going from foot to leg - that is until i got a ways past my ankle and needed my gauge to be a bit looser to accomodate my calves.

Other modificiations? Of course....I made each sock mirror the other on the cables...and I also modified the top of the sock by adding matching bobbles on the back of the sock, as well as mimicking the purl field on the toe by carrying the purl field to a point on the back before incorporating the ribbing.

I do think they came out rather beautifully, don't you?

As you might notice, the socks look a wee bit loose - I have discovered that I can't knit twisted cables on anything smaller than a US1 (it really hurts my hands) - I think if I had ribbed the bottom of the socks and also had not done all the increases for the gussets, these socks probably would fit me much more nicely...

...luckily for me (and him too) - it seems these fit my husband guess who gets a pair of fantastically ornate socks? Lucky guy.