Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yarn: Spritely Goods Cliodhna, Cranberry Colorway, less than 1 skein
Needles: US5
Pattern: Bitterroot from Knitty
Size: Shawl, post blocking, mine is approximately 60" across the top, and 30" down the midline.

Comments: Up until the beadwork, this was a very fast knitting shawl - my favorite bit is the edging, which I thought was rather clever. If it hadn't have been for winter olympic knitting in the middle of February it would have been completed back then - as it was, it languished for a bit, then was bound off....but was still awaiting blocking. For those interested in knitting this, I personally found it easier to put the beads on on the purl side to be less fussy, though it required that I pay more attention to the knitting to make sure I placed them properly. The pattern charts were easy to follow - placing markers to separate repeats may be helpful to some.

The pattern is written for either a full sized shawl or a shawlette - due to yarn and gauge difference, my finished project is right in between the noted finished size on the pattern.