Monday, January 21, 2008

Kilt Hose

Pattern: Toirneach Kilt Hose from Knitty
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Burgundy, 2 skeins, leftover from my Central Park Hoodie
Needles: US 2 & US0 - yikes!

Modifications/Comments: I had a heck of a time getting started on these kilt hose - of course, I didn't swatch, mostly because I rarely (as in never) swatch for socks because...well, I usually find I have no problems adjusting on the fly, and I would have to swatch in the round anyway - So I usually cast on and have few problems adjusting as I go. Sadly, my knitting was not being cooperative - the first time, I wound up twisting the join (one of the reasons I rarely knit cuff down), the 2nd time, I managed to somehow introduce a twist after knitting a few rows (I blame it on my vintage circulars - in a fit after that fiasco, I caved and bought the Knitpicks Options set), the 3rd time I realized the lace cuff was big enough to be a garter around my thigh.

The 4th time was the charm - I reduced the number of cast on stitches and went down 2 sizes in needles - the 1x1 ribbing was brutal on 0's but I have a good feeling that these socks are going to stay put :)

I did wind up adjusting the number of stitches that I decreased down to also, a total of 42 stitches at the ankle instead of 48. With the smaller gauge, I probably could have gotten away with the original numbers called for in the pattern, as the ribbing is stretched quite tightly - but i figure with knee socks, that should help hold em up better.

All I need to do now is wear my new kilt hose with my kilt and my CPH :D