Friday, December 31, 2004

a Pair of Pashas

A fun and fairly quick knit, I cranked out two - one each for a small child, thus the embroidered yarn eyes - no buttons for these penguins!

Pattern from

Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun in Lily White, Black and Buttercup.

Filling: Polyester Fiberfill

Eyes: Lion Brand Homespun - One Penguin (photographed) has Gothic Purple Eyes and the other has Williamsburg Blue eyes.

Comments: Seaming can be a challenge on this little creature - I found it best to seam the sides simultaneously to ensure that they matched up. The belly needs to be eased to fit with the back, as the rows don't match. As for the feet, I prefer knitting them in the round. Going with the pudgy penguin look is highly recommended - I don't think he'd look quite right if the third round of short row shaping was omitted. I purchased one skein of Microspun in each color and I think I've got enough yarn to make one more Pasha.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

More Allure-ing Scarfiness

The photo never did come out right, but it's the same colorway as the other Allure-ing Scarf I did. As alluded to in the other post, this is the second of the two scarves I've knit out of Allure. This one was churned off rapidly in a 1x1 ribbed pattern on US13 needles after a holiday hint was received :D Because I didn't have equal amounts of ruby and sapphire colored yarns in my stash, the ruby blocks were a bit smaller than the sapphire ones. I believe I settled on 15 row blocks of ruby with each sapphire block being 20 rows.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Holiday Gifting - Catnip Mice

3 of six patterns tried

Most available online and include Wendy's Original Mouse, Garter Stitch Variation of Wendy's Mouse, a rotund bobble eared mouse - knit in the round, another bobble eared mouse this one with I-cord tail (photo: far right), and another bobble eared (tail-less) mouse (photo: center) and the one that seems to be the favorite of my cats (though I prefer bobble ears to picot ears) is the silken braid catnip mouse (link to pdf; photo: left)

Yarns used: various scraps - all acrylic worsted weights, some with novelty yarn such as Bernat Boa held double strand with a worsted weight yarn. Fun fur is not recommended as it is too long and results in something that looks (according to my husband) like a rat with mange.

Comments: definitely knit with smaller sized needles than the yarn calls for - I think I cranked most of these out on US5 or 6 needles. Either pack the catnip in the middle of batting or other fabric to help prevent leakage, and stuff the mice firmly. I'll be knitting up more - and plan to do some felted ones too.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Items Unaccounted For

Since this bright idea dawned on me long after I launched my blog, there are various items that aren't accounted for here. Either because I'm too lazy to take a photograph, it's too late to take a photograph (item has left my possession and has found a new home) , or in the case of the catnip mice - they're just too ratty (ha ha) at this point for a photograph.

Amongst these items are:
  1. my very first knitted object - a 1x1 ribbed scarf knit out of Berrocco Uxbridge Tweed in Newcastle Coal, Indigo Tweed and Oats & Barley - thanks to this scarf, I have no fear of purling!
  2. Miscellaneous catnip mice - from when I first learn how to knit and for seaming practice
  3. Needlework Tote from Frugal Knitting Haus - knit double strand using miscellaneous Acrylic yarn. I modified the pattern to knit it in the round and to learn how to pick up stitches. Incidentally, the pattern has an error in it - if you look closely at the image in the pattern link, you will notice that the handle opening is not centered. I don't have my notes any longer, but if you choose to knit this one up, you'll want to make the appropriate adjustments.
  4. Potato Chip Cookies - fantastic, tasty and highly addictive. See the recipe here.
  5. Miscellaneous gift items whose photos are being held until after the holidays soas not to ruin the surprise.

Double Pointed Needle Cases

In a fit of craftiness, I picked up some various fabrics at my local fabric shop and spun out these double pointed needle cases. Lined, of course, and with a wooden ball on the outside that can be labeled with the size of the needles stored within.

Of course, I created these before I discovered the pleasure of knitting small diameter rounds using two circular needles (or even with one long circular!) Ah well - they do pull double duty well, and I've toted circular needles coiled up inside one of these pouches.

For a good variety of fabrics for small projects like this, I recommend hitting the "remnants" or the fat quarters section of the fabric store. Nothin' like supporting one's habit by fetchin' fine deals!

Original Post

Allure-ing Scarf - November 2004

One of two, this one was knit up in Garter stitch on US Size 11 needles, and resulted in a very thick, plushy scarf.

Pattern: K all rows - I think I cast on 25 stitches, and each block of color was 25 rows.

Yarn: Paton's Allure in Ruby and Sapphire

Fuzzy Feet - November 2004

Original Post

Pattern from Knitty

Yarns Used: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Natural Marl and Deep Olive (knit double stranded) with Lion Brand Fun Fur in Champagne for fizz.

Comments: The Classic Merino felts beautifully, but the Fuzzy feet definitely tend to the wide side. I'm happy with them, but if I knit another pair, I'll be adjusting the pattern to be a bit narrower through the midstep.

Trio-Knit Bag - October 2004

Original Post

Pattern: from Crystal Palace Yarns.

Yarns Used: Lion Brand Homespun in Edwardian and Gothic.

Comments: Definitely much more floppy than if knit with the yarns called for in the pattern - and I think I got carried away with the depth of the bag - If I knit it again, I'd definitely not make it quite so deep. I'm not convinced I made the best choice for yarns here - while the fabric is nice and soft, the bag itself is quite floppy and stretchy - and the boucle yarn is prone to snagging :( Going with a yarn closer to the "Trio" will probably result in a sturdier fabric.

French Market Bag - October 2004

Pattern Adapted from Folk Bags by Raquel.

Yarn: Carron Acrylic - in three colors.

Comments: It's not really lopsided as in the photo :D That is an artifact of the objects I put inside it. If I had it to do again, I'd probably make the straps and body a bit shorter - under heavy weight, it does stretch quite a bit. Stay tuned, I'm likely to repeat this one sometime in the future!

Cat Knit - September 2004

Catnip Mice - original post

Pattern from Wendy Knits!

Yarn: Scrap Acrylic and Lion Brand Fun Fur (left); Scrap Acrylic and Bernat Boa (right)

Comments: Fun fur definitely Not recommended; novelty yarns obscure the cable, but that's alright :D I seem to always use cat-knitting to teach myself new techniques.