Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Slippers for the House Elves

Or rather, for the other House Elf :) These are a pair for my husband since the originals didn't fit.
To ensure a proper fit this time, I knitted the wide version, and knit on the foot a bit longer than recommended to accommodate felting shrinkage. They do have a fair bit of stretch to them when they are wet, so they can certainly be stretched to fit, within reason.

I should note, I did have to break into some additional yarn to finish off the toe on one of the slippers - you can't really tell in some lighting because the two colors are very similar in value - in bright light, however, it is obvious that one of the slippers sports a stripy toe.

If you're looking to bring some merriment into someone's life, I personally don't think you could go wrong with a pair of these easy to knit whimsical slippers :D

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Colorwork Cozy

Pattern: None - this was dreamed up in my head with the assistance of some chart motifs from Alice Starmore's Fair Isle book
Yarn: A variety of leftovers and sample skeins in my stash - all fingering weight. The tan yarn is a merino-possum blend, the ecru is pure merino wool, and the green is a silk blend - I just don't remember what the silk is blended with.
Needles: US0

Apparently all of my portable electronics need some sort of knitted case - and I apparently am partial to practicing my colorwork when knitting these wee things.

I selected subtle neutral tones for this one, mostly because that's what I had in my stash that went together, but also because knitting the pattern in it was almost like knitting up a secret. The motif is indeed very subtle, the lower motif is x's and the upper motif is more like o's or diamonds - they are much more readily apparent when the knitting is wet - but I hope for that to never happen while the ipod is inside! Even better, if I happened to have made a mistake in the knitting, no one will know ;) because it all blends together :D

As for the yarn, it was all lovely to work with - the merino-possum has a unique dark halo, and it's so luxuriously soft. The green has a very subtle shine due to the silk and some neat heathering that results in some additional shading.

Knitting a wee case like this is a great way (I think) to learn or practice colorwork....though I can't say I'd recommend trying the flat colorwork right's much easier completed in the round!