Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Open Airy Scarf

Lovely, isn't it?

What is it, you ask? Why it's about 100 grams of Karaoke knit into a scarf...twas another test knit for SWTC - but this one flew off the needles much faster than Mariposa. There's something to be said for near-instant gratification.

The scarf doesn't look so open or airy in these photos because they were taken before I dropped all the stitches to open up the fabric...and since I find dropping stitches rather traumatizing, and I figured you could see the color shift better before I dropped all the stitches, all you have to ogle are these photos. So there. :D

In addition, the final version of the scarf has some lovely crochet embellishments, but I can't crochet to save my life...so those touch-ups will be done by the skilled hands of someone other than myself.

Pattern: Test Knit from Southwest Trading Company, name still to be determined, I think.

Yarn: Karaoke, due to be released to the public sometime in June. It's a Wool/Soysilk blend. Same heft as Noro Kureyon, and softer than Noro's Silk Garden. A real pleasure to work with. I personally can't wait to see the other colorways.

Comments - I think I've finally mastered continental knitting! Though for some circumstances, I still prefer to knit English Style, I did this entire scarf knitting continental :D


Leah said...

Beautiful! I love the color transitions. I learned to knit continental fairly early in my knitting career and prefer it to "throwing". Some say it is my left-handedness coming out, but who knows...

Holly said...

Hello, I wanted to know if you ever finished this scarf. I would love to see it. Is the pattern available? How do you get the color transitions? Thanks please email at mhfowler@charter.net