Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A second career?

These guys will officially mark the start of my career as a pattern writer!

How exciting! They are the 2nd pattern I've been commissioned to create by Southwest Trading Company - the first was a Trellised Scarf made out of Karaoke. That particular pattern is available from yarn merchants that carry Southwest Trading Co yarns (just ask em to download it for you). These were inspired by my Amigurumi binge over the holidays - specifically by these fellows.

Pattern: Will be available through Southwest Trading Company and Merchants that carry their yarn

Yarns: The white sheep is made of Bamboo Feather and Karaoke, the Blue sheep is made of Twize and Bamboo Feather - incidentally, it's a vegan sheep - 100% bamboo yarn content!

While SWTC is very generous with their compensation, I'm going to try my hand at selling my patterns via my shop. Stay tuned!


Arrrgh Matey said...

Those are SO cute! I have enough yarn, but I'd buy the yarn just for the pattern!

Brooklyn Handspun said...

So cute! I wish i could crochet I can use a little sheep mascot.

Pandora said...

Good luck on the pattern-making! How did you come to be comissioned by them? I know that some people just make up patterns for fun and then submit them to magazines or even publish books. Well, it's going to take me a bit of practice before I get there, but I'm working on it!