Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Sock Experiment for Socktoberfest

Ever seen knitted things and figure "I can knit that - and way better too!"? I'm constantly doing that with sweaters these days - and certainly no silly iPod sock was going to be worth the money, especially when I could knit my own custom one and learn a thing or two while doing it...

Since I'm still waiting for a certain 2nd Gen nano case to be released, I figured I'd make myself an iPod sock for the interim. For this "sock," I wanted to give double knitting a try - I wanted a double thick layer of "sock" to protect the nano (since I'm not terribly good about being very delicate with things in my bag/purse) - and that way I could also see if I would like to attempt the extreme knitting sock technique as described in the recent Knitty (in case you're wondering, I think I've decided it's not for me - it's much faster for me to knit 2 socks on magic loop).

Anyhow, this "sock" is indeed reversible, has a flap built in to secure the nano inside *and* a space to allow me to connect my earphones to the nano thru the sock!

Super easy to make, I made mine out of sport weight scraps of Misti Alpaca Sport (mmm alpaca) knitting on US4s in 2x2 rib for a nice snug fit. Striping is in my favorite sequence - hooray! Fibbonacci!


Brown Pants said...

Looks great! Although I once tried to crochet a phone cover for my mum and it was a disaster. She still uses it though...quite embarassing!

Brown Pants said...

I just put a reference to you on my Blog, I hope you don't mind (i didn't have your email to check!)