Monday, December 31, 2007

Hat with Holes...

Pattern: Urban Homesteader by Christy
Needles: US 6 & US7
Yarn: SWTC Karaoke - Held Double stranded for most of the knitting

Comments: Sorry about the "flashy" photo - I was needing to do the self portrait thing and I wasn't having any luck outside. This hat was a really fast knit, and it worked well to help bust some of my stash :) While it does make my head look a little jelly-fish like - especially in that center photo - I love how deep the hat is. It means my ears definitely stay completely covered when worn (even when I don't wear it with my hair sticking out one of the flaps). Right now, I'll probably be using it mostly in Pony tail mode, only because my hair is much longer than I realized it was :) Definitely recommended. Don't skip out on whipstitching the edging on those flaps, btw - otherwise you may notice your flaps are really curly!


Sara said...

I LOVE this hat! What a wonderful idea... I need a hat that works with ponytails and pigtails! It even looks really cool with the holes closed up. ^^

Sara said...

It sounds like a lot of people get sore hands! ><

For some reason (I think because the yarn is held in my left hand), crocheting doesn't bother me as much as knitting. I just need to give myself breaks, instead of trying to go for marathon days! haha