Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Henna'd legs

Yarn: Spritely Goods Sylph in Limited Edition Deep Blue Sea colorway. One skein. All the way up to my knees and it only took one skein*! YAY!

Needles: a variety - I started on US1s (or technically 1.5s since they were 2.5mm) - then as I went up the calf, I switched to US2s/2.5s, then US 3s. For the garter, I knit on US0's, but then switched back to 3s for the cuffs.

Pattern: Scherherazade's Slippers by Maia Discoe

Comments & Modifications: These socks can be magic looped, but cannot be knit together at the same time on one long needle because stitches are moved from the instep to the sole for a good portion of the knitting. I did knit them at the same time though - each on their own needle, thus managing to not get hit with second sock syndrome. Because these socks are toe up - I was able to gauge the yarn as I went.

The socks are not supposed to be knee-highs, but since I have a lot of calf curve, I decided it may well be best to just take them clear to the knee if I could manage it with the yarn to prevent any slouchiness that the socks might be prone to doing if I ended them near the full portion of my calf. I did "cheat" and knit the garter out of some other leftover sock yarn just to be sure I had enough for the short cuffs. When I bound off, I still had enough yarn to go round quite a few more times.

I really did enjoy the knitting - the motifs would certainly be more visible in a lighter colored yarn, but I'm quite happy with how they turned out in this dark slightly variegated colorway (the motifs are also more visible in sunlight - but I keep forgetting to take photos when the sun is out!) I love how the patterns wrap around the leg and travel up the back side. In order to get these to reach all the way to my knees, I added one more repeat of cables before starting in on the ribbing - as I did the transition from the cabled pattern to the ribbing, I also did a few increases to better accommodate my shapely leg...unfortunately I failed to take notes, making it up as I went along on the fly - this would be another good reason to knit both socks at the same time ;)

The pattern is knit off of charts, and size is adjusted by changing gauge. Maia was right on with her recommendations for needle sizes, and also with her estimates for how long to knit before heading into the heel shaping - my socks fit perfectly, and brought much joy in the knitting. A shame it's warming up so fast, I'm going to have to save the joy in the wearing until next fall/winter!

*okay, I did "cheat" by knitting the garters in a different yarn - but I did have yarn left over when I was I'm pretty sure I could have managed with a single skein.


AmysBabies said...

beautiful! They look great on your legs :D

TrueEpicure said...

Heh, heh. I'm glad to see you take your sock pictures upside down too. :)