Monday, February 14, 2005

One Hour Baby Booties

Somehow I seem to know a lot of people expecting little bundles of joy this spring. With limited time to complete projects, I was trying to find something that was quick and fun to knit and these little booties seemed to fit the bill for springtime babies.

Pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation

Yarn used: Bernat CottonTots

Comments: The pattern calls for Chunky weight wool, but for springtime babies (and concerns over possible allergies) I went with cotton. CottonTots is a worsted weight yarn, so I held it double stranded for the bootie, but went to single strand for the crochet strap. Unfortunately, I have no babies to try them out on, so I'm not sure how they came out for size - they appear big enough to stick jumbo eggs inside...perhaps a set for Easter goodies might be in order :) they'd certainly make a nice change to the standard "basket"!

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