Thursday, February 17, 2005

ChicKnits Ribby Cardi

Lookie, lookie! My first sweater ever!

Pattern: From ChickKnits - The Ribby Cardi

Yarn: From - Peruvian Highland Wool in Periwinkle and Ink (I think) :D

Details: Medium Size, Plain Panel Front & Back, 2" Mock neck with Zip closure.

Comments: Definitely a fun and relatively quick knit - especially when knitting the front panels and sleeves simultaneously (also helps to ensure that each piece matches it's mate!) Modifications included adding an extra inch or two to the body length and two full inches to the sleeves. Seaming was a breeze, even for me - a person who goes out of the way to design out seams when possible!

Regarding yarn usage, I purchased 8 skeins in the Body Color and 4 skeins in the contrast color (pattern called for 12 skeins total for the size I planned to knit) - I used all of the contrast color except for a yard or two, and have exactly two skeins left of the main color.

The Peruvian wool was a pleasure to knit, and it makes for quite the toasty cardigan. I thought it was a little scratchy when I first put the sweater on, but after a few minutes, I no longer noticed - definitely a pleasant surprise. Length wise, Ribby fits very nicely, hitting just above my hips with sleeves that come down about an inch past my wrist - just the way I like 'em. The sleeves are snug, but have plenty of ease due to the ribbing throughout. Because I blocked the heck out of her, she fits a bit loosely through the body- nothing that a quick dampening to relax the side ribbing won't cure! The only thing I have issues with is the slight ripple that is formed just under the collar on the back of Ribby. I assure you, that's Ribby and not me :D I'm not certain why this is, or if blocking will cure it, but I think it's due to the fact that the back panel is straight across the top and has no neck shaping*. Ah well, I'm happy to have her complete in time for some use before the summer comes :) I really enjoyed the process of creation, and am contemplating another Ribby, perhaps in a cotton or other more warm-weather friendly yarn.

*Well, so much for that theory :D Chalk it up to inexperience. Some back and forth with Bonne Marie, the designer of the most fabulous Ribby, leads me to believe that I may have not have picked up my stitches quite right across the neck. Some additional blocking may be in order to try to flatten that small ripple out.

**Regarding the stripes on the sleeves, they were very simple to add. I knit 20 rows in the sleeve color, then knit two rows in the body color, two rows in the sleeve color, four rows in the body color and voila! Back to regular sleeves we go! Don't forget to check your sleeve length to make sure the sleeve stripes land where you want them to!

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Reb said...

Stephanie, do you remember how many rows you did before you started your stripes? And how many rows for each stripe and how many rows between stripes? I love yours so much I want to copycat exactly. Do you mind?