Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finished goods for Sale!

Several weekends have passed and sadly I have made next to no progress on my knitting - my latest projects seem to have stalled on the needles, and my poor husband keeps inquiring after my hat. Summer is rapidly approaching and the poor man has no hat and my cats will soon no longer care if they have a catbed as they will prefer to lay on the cool tile.

Wondering what I've been up to? I've been swamped making these:

Lovely Luscious Batts - I now have more colors :) I think I've gotten spoiled now - I love spinning batts - they draft so smoothly!

A wonderful one ply :) - this is the Desert Sunset colorway spun into a thick and thin single - I think I still prefer plied yarns, but I am coming to like single/slightly slubby yarn.

And a beaded yarn! 5 plies, believe it or not - with lots of sparkly goodness. I know I said I'd never do another beaded yarn, but I somehow couldn't resist.

All of these items are up at the shop if you care to make any of them your own :)

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