Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In honor of Learn To Spin Day

According to the 2006 Year in Yarn Calendar, last Saturday was Learn to Spin Day.

As I already know how to spin, I decided to teach myself a new technique and see if I could execute a yarn that has been bouncing around in my head for quite some time. For those that are keeping track, last Saturday was the same Saturday that I was possessed to redesign my sweater. All I can say is it was a very very busy day full of fiber artistry!

Inspired by the Desert Globe Mallow, in addition to some supercoils to mimic leaves, I cage spun little bits of pink, orange and yellow onto a single of handblended merino and firestar fiber. It was a bit challenging ensuring the little tufts were securely fastened to the main yarn, but in the end a few passes of a plying thread seemed to do the trick. Out of all the yarns I've turned out thus far, I think this one is my most favorite yet!

While the mallow in the photo above does not have any orange, I should point out that the globe mallow actually has both orange and pink blooms, though not on the same plant.

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Luscious Gracious said...

The mallow may be my favorite desert plant! I, too, was inspired by it last spring, and dyed some matching yarn. Great work, as always, Stephanie. And congrats on adding bats to your I see an order in my future?????