Thursday, April 20, 2006

Like a Whirling Dervish

It seems I've been doing an awful lot of spinning of late, resulting in not much other than Yarn and Batts to post for finished objects...stay tuned, I've got a knitted one to post soon (I hope ;) )

In the meantime, as I mention, I've been rather focused on spinning and color blending - and I've also been trying to come to grips with spinning singles - especially low twist slubby kinds...

It's coming along. This yarn is spun from one of my merino batts - it spun up great and I love the striping that I get throughout...

This other yarn is more of the Mill End fibers - I really like how it came out - the striping from the blending ranges from subtle (as observed on the white strand) to a more bold candy-cane/barber pole effect. Both yarns are available to be made your own over at the shop.

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