Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pirate Redux

Well, I finished it - the redone Pirate Hat - Adult sized this time! My poor husband has been waiting patiently for this hat...and now it's done...just in time for 90 degree weather!

And with a more fancy lining too - I took it upon myself to do a little bit of Fibonacci striping on the inside to keep myself entertained...

Of course, I did wind up tweaking the pattern a bit - more on that later....

Pattern, from Hello Yarn

Yarn: Misti Alpaca Sport in Lipstick Sport (shhh! don't tell! I don't know *what* my husband will think if he finds out the red part is called "Lipstick") and Black

Needle Sizes: US4 and US2

Pattern Notes & Comments:

Because I continued to worry that the hat would be too narrow, I added an extra stitch in the edge of the pattern - and when I picked up the stitches to do the liner, I wound up adding some length because the hat was not long enough to cover my ears....Sadly, it seems my tension in fair isle is different enough from my tension while knitting plain stockinette - because even with the smaller needles, the hat bells out at the bottom - this is not so good because it will definitely not do so well in keeping ears warm. I'm trying to decide how best to resolve this situation - I don't think felting the hat will help at all, so I'm thinking I might need to add a band of elastic in between the outside of the hat and the liner....Anyone have any suggestions?


msfortuknit said...

k this is the cutest thing since my kids!

Arrrgh Matey said...! That look amazing! Definitely worth the wait.

Gina said...

love it!