Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Scarf for the Blues

Remember that yarn?? (handspun mixed wools plied with a commercial chenille) Well, I wasn't very happy with it, and couldn't for the life of me figure out what on earth to do with it.

I had enough for a scarf if I could figure out how to get a loose enough stitch to allow it to have a fair amount of length...but how to manage it? I wanted a scarf with a respectable width and length...but I wanted something that was easy to work up and not require too much thinking for the knitting....Dropped stitches stepped in to give me the width and length that I was looking for:

A Clapotis inspired scarf :)

Pattern from Knitty

Needles: US 13

Yarn: handspun, honestly I don't even recall the yardage or the weight.

Comments: as a scarf, with bulky yarn and big needles, this project knit up fast and the dropping and unraveling of the stitches provided a welcome break from the mindless stockinette stitching. When unblocked, it seemed to have some curling and puffing issues. I blocked this by doing a full wet soak - I was able to lay it out flat with no pins to hold it in place to get it to block flat.

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