Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Short and Sweet

I'm in love with texture and really needed a break from my latest knitting opus...This skinny scarf proved to be just the perfect entertaining sidetrack.

Closeup? Certainly ;)

I especially enjoyed myself because it's knit from my own Spritely Goods Sprite yarn! (in the Chaparral colorway, in case you are wondering) I happened to have just a smidge (about 1.6 ounces) of yarn leftover from a different project, and I couldn't figure out what to turn it into...well, Inspiration struck and it turned into this cute skinny and nicely textured scarf.

My other half argued that it wasn't long enough to be a scarf appropriate for an adult and I set out to prove that it would indeed work just fine - I scrounged up a hand crocheted flower pin that matched perfectly, wrapped it (the scarf, not the flower ;) ) around my neck, affixed the pin, and voila! Perfect for keeping the chill away without adding a bunch of bulk.

Pattern: Stitch pattern adapted from Sheep in the City's So Called Scarf (I really need to get one of those stitch pattern reference books)

Needles: US 9


stickchick said...

ooooh, very cute, very pretty!! Love the flower, it's the perfect touch so tell your adult self it is too a scarf and a very nice one too!

Letoya said...

That's too adorable! I love how teh stitch pattern makes the yarn look like a nice spring tweed.

The Purloined Letter said...

Perfect! I think I have to try this with some small bits of handspun!

jennifer said...

i love it!!!