Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Sprite's Slippers

Pattern: Elf Shoes by Pamela Wynne (pattern via Ravelry)
Needles: US 10.5
Yarn: Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted in Purple Anthracite and Chartreuse Olive
Size: Adult (narrow) - originally knit to length for US Mens size 9/10

Comments: The verdict? Not Horrified - but perhaps not quite overwhelmed with joy either ;) and perhaps there was a small sigh of relief when they didn't fit (too narrow and perhaps just a hair short) These were originally knit for my husband, aka Mr. WoodlandSprite (that just made me laugh when a friend of mine called him that) as a last minute stealth holiday gift. The knitting was fast and furious and completed in one long day. Fulling was completed in the super fast felting machine that is the Luscious Gracious washer.

I don't know if it was the washing machine or the pattern - but these came right out looking like wee elf feet - complete with arch and heel cup! I blocked them into shape using my own feet, and tugging on them to gain extra length at the toe. I took final measurements and was pretty sure they would fit, but alas, I think they need a smidge of extra width and perhaps also a smidge of length - the good news is the shoes, when freshly fulled, are quite malleable - and can be stretched quite a bit for a perfect fit.

You may notice that these slippers have some pretty crazy curliqued ends on the toe and each tip of the cuff - this was not in the design - I suspect folks who properly finish their knitting and weave in the ends will not have such design features....me, I always leave an inch or so dangling off my knitting whenever I finish - we chucked them straight into the wash, figuring I could trim the ends off after fulling if I so desired. After seeing the results though, I have to admit I have no such urge - I love the crazy curly slightly-grinchy ends so they're going to all stay!

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