Monday, December 20, 2004

Items Unaccounted For

Since this bright idea dawned on me long after I launched my blog, there are various items that aren't accounted for here. Either because I'm too lazy to take a photograph, it's too late to take a photograph (item has left my possession and has found a new home) , or in the case of the catnip mice - they're just too ratty (ha ha) at this point for a photograph.

Amongst these items are:
  1. my very first knitted object - a 1x1 ribbed scarf knit out of Berrocco Uxbridge Tweed in Newcastle Coal, Indigo Tweed and Oats & Barley - thanks to this scarf, I have no fear of purling!
  2. Miscellaneous catnip mice - from when I first learn how to knit and for seaming practice
  3. Needlework Tote from Frugal Knitting Haus - knit double strand using miscellaneous Acrylic yarn. I modified the pattern to knit it in the round and to learn how to pick up stitches. Incidentally, the pattern has an error in it - if you look closely at the image in the pattern link, you will notice that the handle opening is not centered. I don't have my notes any longer, but if you choose to knit this one up, you'll want to make the appropriate adjustments.
  4. Potato Chip Cookies - fantastic, tasty and highly addictive. See the recipe here.
  5. Miscellaneous gift items whose photos are being held until after the holidays soas not to ruin the surprise.

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