Friday, December 31, 2004

a Pair of Pashas

A fun and fairly quick knit, I cranked out two - one each for a small child, thus the embroidered yarn eyes - no buttons for these penguins!

Pattern from

Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun in Lily White, Black and Buttercup.

Filling: Polyester Fiberfill

Eyes: Lion Brand Homespun - One Penguin (photographed) has Gothic Purple Eyes and the other has Williamsburg Blue eyes.

Comments: Seaming can be a challenge on this little creature - I found it best to seam the sides simultaneously to ensure that they matched up. The belly needs to be eased to fit with the back, as the rows don't match. As for the feet, I prefer knitting them in the round. Going with the pudgy penguin look is highly recommended - I don't think he'd look quite right if the third round of short row shaping was omitted. I purchased one skein of Microspun in each color and I think I've got enough yarn to make one more Pasha.

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Cro-knit Monkey said...

That's so neat! I havent tried it yet but maybe I will now!