Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Holiday Gifting - Catnip Mice

3 of six patterns tried

Most available online and include Wendy's Original Mouse, Garter Stitch Variation of Wendy's Mouse, a rotund bobble eared mouse - knit in the round, another bobble eared mouse this one with I-cord tail (photo: far right), and another bobble eared (tail-less) mouse (photo: center) and the one that seems to be the favorite of my cats (though I prefer bobble ears to picot ears) is the silken braid catnip mouse (link to pdf; photo: left)

Yarns used: various scraps - all acrylic worsted weights, some with novelty yarn such as Bernat Boa held double strand with a worsted weight yarn. Fun fur is not recommended as it is too long and results in something that looks (according to my husband) like a rat with mange.

Comments: definitely knit with smaller sized needles than the yarn calls for - I think I cranked most of these out on US5 or 6 needles. Either pack the catnip in the middle of batting or other fabric to help prevent leakage, and stuff the mice firmly. I'll be knitting up more - and plan to do some felted ones too.

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Cro-knit Monkey said...

I'm just starting to make my cats toys. They are having a hard time to catch on to catnip, except for the eldest :-o These mice look cool! I'm working on a Wonton from knitty.com right now :D