Sunday, February 19, 2006

Leaf Lace Pullover

Cast on for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics, I'm pleased to say I've finished this sweater within the allotted time, with a week to spare!

Pattern: modified from the Leaf Lace Pullover in Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop. The pattern was altered to work with a worsted weight yarn, lengthen the body and add a touch of shaping at the waist.

Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Optimum in Lilac

Needles: US8

Comments: If you have trouble with Kitchner stitch, this is not the sweater for you - both arms are grafted to the body at the shoulder, and the top and bottom of the sweater are also kitchnered together. Overall, I'm fairly pleased with the sweater, and I do like the leaf details.

The lengthening of the body obviously does result in the hem and arm leaves landing fairly close together - I suppose I could have not lengthened it quite so much, but I really dislike sweaters that land right below my waist, as it typically means I have to remember to keep my arms down or risk baring my non-sculpted middle!

While I'm not minding the placement of the leaves at the neck - through some inconsiderate math on my part, they landed nearly right in the center, rather than being offset - I am still undecided on the neckline with its mock-turtle-like lines. Over the course of time, it has a tendency to buckle a bit. I have been successful in resolving this problem by wearing the sweater with the neck unbuttoned and folded over - though that solution hides the leaf details and is asymmetric.

While the sweater is indeed finished and perfectly wearable, I'm not certain how long it will remain in this state. I may very well decide in some time to pick out the kitchner stitching, detach the arms, and re-knit the top of the sweater with a crew or scoop neck - sans leaves of course....but it's safe for now :D


Brooklyn Handspun said...

Wow I can't belive you finished your sweater in 10 days! I am in awe! and it looks really good even with the looks great.

caro said...

It really just flies off the needles, eh? Yours looks fantastic!

Chris said...

Go you! Kickin' some major knittin' boo-tay!

Oiyi said...

Wow, you are a fast knitter! You finished a whole sweater in such a short time. I bow to you. :-)

Luscious Gracious said...

You so totally win!
the lusciousgraciousclan

Creative Genius? said...

That looks terrific!!!! Way to go I am so jealous!!! I am really impressed!! So did you block with the yarn - and if yes are you pleased with the results (I've heard mixed results)....It does look AMAZING!!!