Friday, February 17, 2006

Spindles for Plying

Behold! A small fleet of spindles that have been created expressly for plying! After completely filling up my Emily Spindle full to bursting (the thing looked ridiculous), I decided I needed a spindle with a bigger whorl.

Instead of going out to purchase more spindles, I decided I'd go head and make my own...more economical, and a bigger whorl too! In this case, size *does* matter (at least for plying anyhow!)

Following the instructions from Interweave and DIY Network, I was able to gather the materials to make several spindles.

As you can see, I put three spindles together, they range in weights from 1.6 oz to 2.7 oz. The heaviest, pictured to the left, actually is made of 4 CDs - 2 pairs of 2 spaced closely together. The medium weight one has a bunch of binder clips attached to the edge to add weight, and the last one is simply a pair of CDs on the dowel. I haven't had a chance to ply with them yet, as I've been engrossed in my knitting olympics project.

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