Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Yarns!

Picture heavy post! But it is all yarn, so drool away :)

First up is my next skein of supercoiled bumbleberry pie. The first skein went to live with the Luscious Gracious Clan and was turned into a stunning wrap (scroll down past the cool guitar strap to see the photos!). I figured I'd turn the rest of that roving into similar yarn.

Next we have a combination of handblended fiber (why yes, the box o fiber has been moved in, sorted by hue, and the carder has been used :D) It's a bunch of greens that remind me of the surprising variety of green plants here in the desert, and it's been plied with a commercial orange, red and gold flecked novelty yarn. The colors reminded me of a southwestern coral bean plant. I think I'll be gathering a lot of my inspiration for future blendings from my outdoor adventures!

And finally you can ogle what's left of my green yarn - there was just a smidge left over (about 8.5 yards worth), and it's got lovely heathery greens and a little sparkle and shine from the firestar that I blended in.

The two upper yarns are now posted for sale at my shop! A closeup of the southwestern Coral Bean yarn can be ogled there, along with a photo of the plant that inspired it.


Brooklyn Handspun said...

I love them all - and now I want a carder more than ever! You should take a picture of all the colored roving sorted by hue...I'd love to see that! I'm sucker for spectrum pictures.

The Crafty Weasel said...

My goodness, these yarns are the yummiest I've seen recently!!!!

Luscious Gracious said...

Glad that you love the carder, and soooo glad that you are spinning. Your new stuff is so (I hate to say yummy; everyone says yummy, but it is) yummy! Can't wait to see the leaves pullover out of that yarn.